Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Same Rajju Matching - Is it wrong to fix?

Fixing Same Rajju  - Is it wrong ?

Except the Kuja stars (Mrigasiram, Chithrai, avittam) other rajjus have two planets like ketu-Budan, Sukran-Sani, Suryan-Guru and Chandran-Rahu.

It is called Arokana and Avarokana (Ascending and descending) Rajjus

If a boy and a girl falls in the same rajju for example, In case of moon stars - the boy is Rohini and the girl is Hastham or Thiruvonam, this is called janma, anujanma and thri janma stars. Generally they have a good understanding. But not with Rahu star Thiruvathirai, Swathi or sathayam.

Rajju of the same planets will never repel each other.

In some cases these Enemy Rajju star boy and girl have affinity and that would be confirmed by observing individual horoscopes.


  1. Please tell me whether rajju dosham is there for below match:

    Girl's natchathram- avittam
    Boy's natchathram- satham

    In some websites it's saying like no rajju dosham. But some says like it's has rajju dosham.

    Please advice

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